Vocabulary Series - 2

Vocabulary No. -2

Vocabulary is most important for competitive exams like SSC,UPSC,IBPS,Banking Exams and many others exams.Vocabulary words also enhance our English and Hindi speaking skills and give confidence for speaking English.Here we provide the most important vocabulary words.This is the series of vocabulary and this is the vocabulary no. 2.

1. Carnal (adj): Relating to the physical feelings and wants of the body.
(शारीरिक, जिस्मानी)
Synonyms: Sexual, Lascivious, Libidinous, Corporeal
Antonyms: Spiritual, Chaste, Mental, Psychological
Example: A priest is supposed to ignore carnal temptations and devote his life to the church.

2. Statute (noun): A written law passed by a legislative body.
(क़ानून, विधान)
Synonyms: Ordinance, Regulation, Decree, Law, Act
Example:The salaries of most federal workers are set by statute.

3. Sodomy (noun): Anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex.
(पुरुषमैथुन, गुदामैथुन)
Synonyms: Buggery, Pederasty, Pedication, Bestiality
Example:He is charged with rape, sodomy, kidnapping and stealing.

4. Bestiality (noun):Savagely cruel or depraved behaviour./copulation of person with an animal .
(वहशीता, पशुगमन)
Synonyms:Brutality, Savagery, Barbarity, Depravity
Antonyms:Kindness, Nobility, Beneficence, Compassion
Example:I was shocked by the bestiality of their behaviour.

5. Castration (noun):To remove the testicles of a male animal or human.
(बधिया करना)
Synonyms:Emasculation, Sterilisation, Expurgation , Gelding
Example:The castration of male calves was initiated to reduce fighting.

6. Felon (noun):A criminal who has committed a serious crime.
Synonyms:Malefactor, Delinquent, Crook, Culprit
Antonyms:Innocent, Guiltless, Blameless
Example:The penalties for a felon being found in possession of a gun can be severe

7. Chattel (noun):(in general use) a personal possession.
(जंगम संपत्ति)
Synonyms:Paraphernalia, Property, Movables, Belongings, Possessions
Antonyms:Immovables, Real Estate
Example:She packed up all her chattels and moved to a new state.

8. Tenement (noun):A neglected and overcrowded apartment building.
(रहने की जगह, घर)
Synonyms:Condominium, Lodging, Flat, Apartment, Dwelling
Example:The tenement building is in such disrepair it should be demolished by the city.

9. Ecclesiastical (adj):Belonging to or connected with the Christian religion or church.
(ईसाई धर्म संबंधी, गिरिजाघर संबंधी)
Synonyms:Sacerdotal, Canonical, Priestly, Churchly, Clerical
Antonyms:Secular, Non-Sectarian , Non-Clerical
Example :In order to be married in the church, our wedding vows needed to follow the ecclesiastical views of marriage.

10. Apparent (noun):Clearly visible or understood.
(स्पष्ट, प्रत्यक्ष)
Synonyms: Manifest, Discernible, Perceptible , Perceivable, Evident
Antonyms:Obscure, Vague, Unclear, Dubious
Example:She laughed for no apparent reason.

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