General Knowledge Quiz -1 (English)

Here is some important questions of General Knowledge,which is important for competition exams.You can also view this post in Hindi by going to this link -General Knowledge Quiz-1 (हिंदी)

■ Who was the founder of 'Sultans of India Society'?
➥ Gopalakrishna Gokhale

■ Who led the Khilafat movement?
➥ Maulana Mohammad Ali

■ After what incident did Rabindranath Tagore return the title of 'Sir'?
➥ Jallianwala Bagh massacre

■ What is the most populous city in the world?
➥ Tokyo

■ What is the function of white blood particle (W.B.C.)?
➥ disease resistant capacity

■ Who is the father of economics?
➥ Adam Smith

■ Where was moonbish ruler?
➥ Ahmadnagar

■ What is the distance of the marathon race?
➥ 26 miles 385 yards

■ What water can be obtained by 'seawater' pure water?
➥ distillation

■ 'Tulbul' project is situated on which river?
➥ Jhelum

■ What is the required quorum for conducting a meeting of the Lok Sabha?
➥ 1/10

■ What climate is found in India?
➥ Tropical monsoon climate

■ Which soil is known as red soil?
➥ black soil

■ Why is red soil color red?
➥ due to the presence of iron oxide

■ What percentage of the area of ​​India is cultivated?
➥ 51%

■ What is the cultivation of cutting forests in the states of the northeast of India, what is it called?
➥ Jhum farming

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