Major Tribes Of The World

What Is Tribe ?

The Tribe is a word which is related to a group of human who lived in society. There are many Tribes who lived in the world. Most of the countries have many tribes.

There are many question were asked in Indian Competition exams. Here we provide a list of The Tribes with the countries where they lived. You can also view this post in the Hindi Language by going to this link -विश्व की प्रमुख जनजातियाँ

➣ Eskimon - Eskimo tribe is found in North America's Kanada, Greenland and Siberia regions!

➣ Ukadhir - This is a tribe residing in Siberia. It is a tribe related to mangolide species, their eyes are half open and the color is yellow!

➣ Ainu - This is the tribe of 'Japan'!

➣ Bushman - This is a tribe found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa and Africa!

➣ Afridi - Pakistan!

➣ Maori - New Zealand, Australia

➣ Masai - Africa is a tribe found in Kenya!

➣ Julu - In the Province of Natal of South Africa!

➣ Badoo - The tribe found in the desert of Arabia!

➣ Pygmy - Congo Basin (Africa)!

➣ Papua - New Guinea!

➣ Red India - South America!

➣ Laps - Finland and Scotland!

➣ Kharigies - Steppe area of ​​Central Asia!

➣ Borough - Amazon Basin!

➣ Baida - Sri Lanka!

➣ Samang - Malaysia!

➣ Maya - Mexico!

➣ Phoolani - In Africa's Nigeria!

➣ Bandu - Southern and Central Africa!

➣ Boer - South Africa!

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Major Tribes Of The World

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