Important Questions Of Modern India's History

History Of Modern India

There are many parts of History , here we provide a list of important questions related to Modern History of India.These questions are very important for competitive exams like SSC , UPSC and Board Exams Etc..

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history of modern india

✶ Who laid the first railway line in India?
➥ George Clark

✶ Who got the benefit of British land revenue system in India?
➥ Zamindar

✶ Through which permanent settlement was started in Bengal and Bihar?
➥ Lord Cornwallis

✶ When the Reitwedri system was implemented?
➥ 1820 AD

✶ When was Mahalwadi system formally implemented for the first time?
➥ 1822 AD

✶ Who was the founder of Sikh kingdom in Punjab?
➥ Ranjit Singh

✶ Where did Ranjit Singh occupy the title of 'Maharaja' after taking possession?
➥ Lahore

✶ Which treaty between Ranjit Singh and British was done?
➥ Treaty of Amritsar

✶ The treaty of Amritsar used to set the boundary between the territories on either side of which river?
➥ Sutlej river

✶ Sindh's merger was done in the English state during which Governor General of India?
➥ Lord Alenborough

✶ Who is credited with winning Sindh?
➥ Sir moves nipper

✶ Who is the creator of the subsidiary of India?
➥ Duplex

✶ Who provided the support and comprehensive nature of the treaty?
➥ Lord Wellley

✶ Where was the capital of Raj Ranjit Singh of Punjab?
➥ Lahore

✶ What governance ban was adopted by the Governor General?
➥ Lord Dalhousie

✶ In the time of decentralization started in India?
➥ Lord Mayo

✶ 'The economic interests of India and England collide in every region', whose statement is this?
➥ Jawaharlal Nehru

✶ Who is the author of 'Poverty and Unbelievable Rule In India'?
➥ Dadabhai Naoroji

✶ When did the establishment of modern industries in India start?
➥ 1850 AD

✶ Who gave the term of the establishment of railway in India as the precursor of the modern industry?
➥ Karl Marx

✶ Where did the first Patan mill in India be established?
➥ Rishra (in Bengal)

✶ In whose era did the 'Board of Revenue' be established?
➥ Hastings

✶ Which English is called the father of administrative service?
➥ Cornwall to

✶ Who founded Fort William College in Calcutta?
➥ Lord Wellley has

✶ When did the Tansi Act or the Taxation Act come into force?
➥ In 1822

✶ When did the military revolt begin at Barrackpore?
➥ In 1824

✶ Which area was famous for opium production in the British rule?
➥ Bihar

✶ What was the reason for the collapse of the textile industry in Bengal in the 18th century?
➥ High tariffs on goods exporting to the UK

✶ Who was the author of 'Neel Mirror', a book written on the plight of Neil farmers?
➥ Dinabandhu Mitra

✶ Where did the first Kahwa plantation were imposed by the British?
➥ in the wilderness area

✶ During the tenure of the first census in India during British rule?
➥ Lord Mayo's

✶ Sir Tomas Munro is related to which land settlement settlement?
➥ ratiywadi settlement

✶ What percentage of the total revenue was given to the landlord under the permanent settlement?
➥ 89%

✶ Which was the first bank of limited liability in India established in 1881 by the Indians and in their management?
➥ Awadh Commercial Bank

✶ Where was the first settlement of a permanent settlement by the British?
➥ Madras Presidency and Bombay Presidency

✶ When did India first start production of steel?
➥ 1913 AD

✶ When did the Railway Budget be different for the Railway Department?
➥ 1924 AD

✶ Who inspired the principle of "the exclusion of property" from India to the UK?
➥ Dadabhai Naoroji

✶ The telegraph line in India was started by whom?
➥ Calcutta and Agra, Ladolhalghazi

✶ Where was the first cotton textile mill installed in India?
➥ Mumbai

✶ The loot of Britishers in India started after what important incident?
➥ After the battle of Plassey

✶ Where was the first installation of the Iron Steel Industry?
➥ Bihar

✶ Who was the president of the Karachi Session of the Congress (1931 AD)?
➥ Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

✶ When did the British get permission to buy and settle land in India?
➥ 1833 AD

✶ When did Tipu Sultan die?
➥ 1799 AD

✶ What is Dindigul?
➥ Name of a city in Tamil Nadu

✶ In whose time did the Calcutta High Court be established?
➥ Warren Hastings

✶ In what time did the expansion of the British Indian state territory end?
➥ At the time of Dufferin

✶ Who repressed the thugs?
➥ Colonel Slimen

✶ Who organized the rural Jatis as a military power?
➥ Choraman (Chathamani)

✶ Which Jat King is called the 'Jaton' and 'Venerable and wise person'?
➥ sunflood

✶ Who built the fort named 'Lohgarh'?
➥ Banda brave

✶ Banda Bahadur was killed on the orders of which Mughal emperor?
➥ FarrukhShiyasar

✶ Which governor general's tenure is considered for education reforms?
➥ William Bentinck

✶ When and when did the Calcutta Medical College be established?
➥ 1835 AD, William Bentinck

✶ When the ban was imposed on girl child?
➥ In 1830

✶ Who is called the 'liberator of the Indian press'?
➥ Lord Curtains Metcalf

✶ Who created the 'Bounty commission'?
➥ Lord Dalhousie

✶ Under which tax system 50% of the produce was levied?
➥ raywadi system

✶ When was Denmark's first trading company formed?
➥ In 1616

✶ Who led the British in the Battle of Wandivash?
➥ Sir Eyre Code

✶ Who has met the French colony of Chandanagar?
➥ Shasta Khan

✶ Who gave the title of 'Nawab' by the Mughal emperor?
➥ Duplex

✶ Where did Duple be appointed as governor before Pondicherry became the governor general?
➥ Chandanagar

✶ Who became the governor general of Pondicherry after Duple?
➥ Godoehu

✶ When did the Portuguese rights to Goa?
➥ In 1510

✶ Which of the first pucco cultures started the cultivation in India?
➥ tobacco cultivation

✶ In whose reign did the British occupy Delhi?
➥ Shah Alam II

✶ After which war was the 'peace treaty of Munshi'?
➥ After the Battle of Palkheda

✶ When was the 'Treaty of Sangola'?
➥ in 1750

✶ When did the 'Treaty of Allahabad' happened?
➥ In 1765

✶ When did the East India Company get recognition?
➥ 1600 AD

✶ When was the establishment of Pondicherry?
➥ 1674 AD

✶ Who founded Pondicherry?
➥ Francis Martin

✶ When did the British celebrate Pondicherry with the French?
➥ 1761 AD

✶ Who was the successor to Robert Clive?
➥ Warren Hastings

✶ Who was the first Governor General of India?
➥ Lord William Bentinck

✶ Who started the postage stamps in India?
➥ Lord Dalhousie

✶ Who was the founder of the Autonomous State of Oudh?
➥ Sadat Kha 'Burhan-ja-Mulk'

✶ What is the 'Safety Cell Policy' related to?
➥ Warren Hastings

✶ Which Indian Corbort Clive Made Bihar Diwan?
➥ Raja Shitabaurai

✶ Who was the successor of Maharana Ranjit Singh?
➥ Kharak Singh

✶ Who gave the principle of 'permanent settlement'?
➥ Lord Cornwallis

✶ Who was the father of the 'Auxiliary Pact' system?
➥ Lord Wellley

✶ Who wrote the declaration of Queen Victoria?
➥ Lord Canning

✶ Ranjit Singh was related to which missile?
➥ QuickBooks

✶ Who established Munger from Murshidabad?
➥ Mir Qasim

✶ Who was the ruler of Delhi during the Battle of Buxar (1764 AD)?
➥ Shah Alam II

✶ Who was the English merchant who reached Agra and Sikri?
➥ Rolf Fitch

✶ Where did the Dutch establish their first factory in 1605?
➥ Masulipatnam

✶ Which Indian city is built on the island?
➥ Mumbai

✶ Where did Portugal set up the first business cloth?
➥ In Cochin?

✶ When did the British set their first factory?
➥ 1612 AD

✶ Which ruler gave East India Company a "civil"?
➥ Shah Alam II

✶ Who created the printing machine for the first time in India?
➥ Portuguese

✶ Who were interlopers?
➥ Maritime robbers as unauthorized traders

✶ Who was the King of India at that time, when the East India Company was established?
➥ Akbar

✶ In what year was the French government handing over the rights of French settlements in India to the Government of India?
➥ 1954 AD

✶ When did the war of Wandivash happen?
➥ 1760 AD

✶ What is the economic capital of India ?
➥ Mumbai city

✶ 'State policy of grab' or 'governance' by whom?
➥ Lord Dalhousie

✶ Which Indian state was occupied under the state grab policy?
➥ Jhansi, Nagpur, Satara, Jaipur, Awadh, Sambalpur

✶ Who was the first Viceroy of India?
➥ Lord Canning

✶ Which peace treaty was done by Tipu Sultan to stop the Third Anglo-Mysore War?
➥ Treaty of Shringarpattam

✶ Who defeated Clive in 1757 AD?
➥ Sirajuddaula

✶ Who led the English army in Plassey's war?
➥ Robert Clive

✶ When did Buxar war?
➥ 1764 AD

✶ Who led the English army in the Battle of Buxar?
➥ Hector Munro

✶ Which kind of treaty arose between Sugoli?
➥ between East India Company and Nepal

✶ Where did Tipu Sultan die?
➥ Sirangpatnam

✶ Which governor general's main role was in the abolition of fraudulent practices?
➥ William Bentinck

✶ Wodeyar was the ruler of whom?
➥ of Mysore principality

✶ Where was the capital of Tipu Sultan?
➥ sirangpatnam

✶ When the clive was made the governor of Bengal?
➥ 1757 AD

✶ Who did end the rule of duplicity?
➥ Warren Hastings

✶ Who has resisted most of the British?
➥ Marathas

✶ Who was the Portuguese who had occupied Goa?
➥ Alphonse de Albuquerque

✶ Who was the first Governor General of East India Company in India?
➥ Warren Hastings

✶ Which European country has spread its business first in India?
➥ Portugal

✶ When did Vaskodigama come to India?
➥ 1498 AD

✶ Where did Vascoodima land in India?
➥ Calicut

✶ Where was Waskodigama supposed to be?
➥ Portugal

✶ Which Englishman came to the court of Emperor Jahangir?
➥ Sir Tomas Roe

✶ By whom was Goa, Daman and Diu's colonization done?
➥ By the Portuguese

✶ By whom did the British get permission to set up their first company?
➥ from Jahangir

✶ Where did the British put their first factory?
➥ in appearance

✶ Who discovered the sea route of India?
➥ vasododema

✶ What was the name of the Treaty of the Third Carnatic War?
➥ Treaty of Paris

✶ Who welcomed Vascodigama when he landed on Calicut?
➥ King of Cambodia, Jamorin

✶ Which Peshwa did the treaty of Basin with British?
➥ Bajirao II

✶ Which Portuguese adopted 'blue water policy'?
➥ Francisco de Almeida

✶ Who is considered the founder of the Portuguese Empire in India?
➥ Alphonse de Albuquerque

✶ Who was the first Governor of India to the Portuguese?
➥ Francisco de Almeida

✶ Who was the first Dutch citizen to come to India?
➥ Carnelis Dahustmann

✶ When did the Dutch attack Goa?
➥ In 1639

✶ When did Duple become the French Governor of India?
➥ In 1742

✶ Jahangir gave the title of 'Khan'?
➥ Hawkins

✶ Who wrote the book 'The Economic History of India'?
➥ Ramesh Chandra Dutt

✶ In 1938, the National Planning Committee was formed on the request of the Indian National Congress, who was its president?
➥ Jawaharlal Nehru

✶ In whose erstwhile Irrigation Commission was formed?
➥ In the time of Lord Curzon

✶ When was the establishment of the Agriculture Department?
➥ In 1872

✶ Where in 1866 AD there was a lot of trouble?
➥ Orissa

✶ When was the madarsa established in Calcutta for the development of Muslim education?
➥ in 1772

✶ When was the first newspaper 'Bengal Gazette' published?
➥ in 1780

✶ Who translated 'Geeta' into English?
➥ William Willkins

✶ Where did the electricity operated wire service first start?
➥ Between Calcutta and Agra

✶ Who was the founder of the Banaras Sanskrit University?
➥ Jonathan Duncan

✶ Which state did Dalhousie mix in the British Empire based on administrative disorder?
➥ Awadh

✶ When did the foundation of modern education system fall in India?
➥ 1835 AD

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