600+ Biology Questions In English For All Exams

600+ Biology Questions In English For All Exams

Alpha-keratin is a protein present in which thing?Wool

The improper function of which results in condition ‘Myxedema’ in human beings?Thyroid gland

Which can be used for biological control of mosquitoes?Gambusia

Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone?D

Through which Translocation of food materials in plants takes place?Phloem

In which is ‘Foot and Mouth Disease’ found?Cattle

Foot-and-Mouth disease in animals, a current epidemic in some parts of the world, By which is this caused?Bacterium

In which animal is respiration done by skin?Frog

Due to bite of mad dog the disease hydrophobia is caused by which virus?Rabies virus

Medicine for epilepsy is obtain from which lichen?Parmelia

What percentage of water is lost during transpiration?0.99

What is Study of growth and development of embryo?Embryology

What is the Study of pulse and arterial blood pressure called?Sphygmology

What is considered as the easily digestable source of protein?Soyabean

In the human body, cowper’s glands form a part of which system?Reproductive system

In absence of ribosome in cell which function does not takes place?Protein synthesis

Which tissue takes part in healing the wounds?Epithelium tissue

Which is the vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies?Vitamin D

In human body, which are the leg bones?Humerus and Femur

In metabolism, how enzymes act?As catalyst

Wine production is mainly carried out in natural region?Mediterranean region

Where are the Postaz temperate grassland?Hungary

ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy) is associated with the treatment of which disease?Diarrhea

To suspect HIV/AIDS in a young individual, which symptom is mostly associated with?Chronic diarrhoea

Which Part of plant is important for the life cycle of plant?Flower

Which is an insectivorous plant?Pitcher plant

How many chamber are found in the heart of frog?3

Sex determination of child is done by whose chromosome?Father

What is the effect of overseretion of harmone from pituitary gland?Increase growth in lenght

What is the short upper part of the human intestine next to the stomach?Duodenum

Which technique can be used to established the paternity of a child?Quantitative analysis of DNA

By whom was Gene first isolated?Hargobind Khurana

By whom was Insulin discovered?Dr. F G. Banting

From which part of the plant is turmeric obtained?Stem

Which cytoplasmic organelles are treated as prokaryotic cells within the eukaryotic cells?Glyoxysomes

Archaeopteryx had which reptilian characters?Clawed wings, teeth on jaw, tail

By using which technique, is DNA fingerprint done?Southern Blotting

Which type of microorganism is most widely used in industries?Bacteria, microalgae and fungi.

Which term for natural vegetation is associated with Siberia?Taiga

For which snake is the diet mainly composed of their snakes?Kingcobra

What structure is common to both earthworm and cockroach?Ventral nerve cord

Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomating?Medulla oblangata

Which is used to know the development of foetus in uterus?Ultrasound

Which oil is used in the floatation method for the purification of ores?Pine oil

Who published the book ‘Origin of species by natural selection in 1859’?Darwin

Which vitamin is generally excreted by humans in urine?Vitamin C

A person who lives exclusively on milk, egg and bread is likey to become a victim of which desease?Scurvy

Which is known as ‘graveyard of RBCs’?Spleen

Which are the glands of the body which pour their seretions directly into the blood stream?Endocrine glands

A typical human ribcage consists of how many ribs?24

Which cell organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?Mitochondrium

Which communicable disease is caused by bacteria?Leprosy

What is the first compound which is fixed during photosynthesis?Glucose

Which substance found in blood which helps in cloting?Fibrinogen

What is in a healthy person rate of heart beat on one minute?72 times

Myxoedema is disorder produed due to hypersecretion of which gland?Thyroid

What does protein deficiency in children usually between the age of 1 to 3 year cause?Kwashiorkor

Which continent has the lowest birth and death rates?Europe

Which disease is caused by bacteria and spread though faecal matter by houseflies?Typhoid

What is a glass sided tank, bowl in which aquatic animals live?Aquarium

The word “biodiversity” is a combination of which two words?Biology and diversity


All of the organisms living in a particular area, what do they make up?A biological community


Which disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?Hydrophobia

Wisdom teeth normally grow during the which age?17-30 years

Which disease is characterised by inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord?Meningitis

What is Amnesia?Related to loss of memory

What is the normal cholesterol level in human blood?180-200 mg%

What is Syrinx?Voice box in Birds

Which modification of root does not store food?Stilt

Which fungus is responsible for disease late blight of potato?Phytophthora infestans

Which gland is both exo and endocrine gland?Pancreas

Which state produces maximum Soya bean?Madhya Pradesh

Which blood vessel bringing blood into Bowman’s capsule?Afferent arteriole

Which causes the disease syphilis?Bacteria

For which is the southern blot technique used for the detection?DNA

What dose not contain a hydrophobic structure?Rubber

Which is the richest source of ascorbic acid?Guava

Which worm reach into intestine of human by eating leaf?Tape worm

What is the most satisfactory method for separating sugars?Chromatography

Alzheimer’s disease in human beings is characterised by which degeneration?Degeneration of nerve cells

Which of the following will provide maximum roughage to our diet, if taken in equal mass?Cabbage

In which Photosynthesis occurs?Chloroplast

Which are the important species of the Mediterranean biome?Pine, cedar, fir

What is the transfer of pollengrain from pollensac to stigma called?Pollination

Which branch of science deals with the study of tissue found in the body of organism?Histology

Maximum nutritive element aborbed by blood from which part of alimentary canal?Small intestine

Which genetic disease is sex -linked?Royal haemophilia

Which cell organelles function as the power house of a living cell?Mitochondria

Transfer of genetic information from one generation to the other is accomplisheded by–Transfer of RNA

Where do Sweat glands occur in greatest number?In the skin of the armpits

What is the total number of bones in human skull?30

Which characteristic is common among parrot, platypus and kangaroo?Functional post anal tail

AIDS is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), What is this?Retro virus

Who wrote Species Plantarum and Systema Natural?Linneus

Medicine for high blood pressure is obtained from which species?Rauwolffia species

When does a cell increase in volume?If the external medium is hypotonic

Which plant yeilds biodiesel or biofuel?Jatropha curcas

Which enzyme is found in human saliva?Ptyalin

Which vitamin is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as storage?Vitamin C

Which organ destroys worn out RBCs in the body of a vertebrate?Spleen

Respiration can occur in the absence of oxygen in which thing?Yeast

What is the selectively permeable membrane of the cell?Plasma lemma

Which compound gives both ninhydrin test and Molisch’s test?A protein

Which is the largest phylum in the animal kingdom in respect of number of species?Arthropoda

Which of the following carbohydrates is most abundant in nature?Cellulose

Which is largest cell organelles?Plastid

Which substance is more than 80% in the cell?Water

In which organ of the human body are the lymphocyte cells formed?Spleen

What is Hepatitis-B, which affects liver?Virus

The saliva helps in the digestion of which thing?Starch

Which organs are morphologically different but perform the same function?Analogous organs

After respiration the conversion of energy is mainly in which form of?ATP

What is also known as green Protozoa?Euglena

Which have the largest share of deficit in Govt. of India budget?Fiscal deficit

In a living cell what is the site of ribosome formation?Nucleolus

What do both respiration and photosynthesis require?Cytochromes

Which Biologist proposed the theory of Germ plasm?Weisman

Which vitamin is transformed in golden rice?Vitamin A

Which one of symbiotic algae is found in secretory cell of hydra?Euchlorella

Which animal is blind (Extremely poor eyesight)?Bat

Animal goes under winter sleep due to low temperature, what is called?Aestivation

Which organelles in the cell, other than nucleus contains DNA?Mitochondria

What is infolding from the inner membrane of mitochondria called?Cristae

Which is used extensively for genetic engineering in plant?A g r o b a c t e r i u m tumefaciens

For which is the northern blot technique used for the detection?RNA

Flower have colour due to the preiod of–anthocyanins

Which is the sweetest sugar?Fructose

What is the largest gland in the human body?Liver

What is the most important function of perspiration?To regulate body temperature

In human body which is the largest in size?Liver

Which an important product is obtained from styles and stigma?Saffron

Which tissue is responsible for the secondary growth?Cambium

Whose living cell provides tensility and mechanical strength?Collenchyma

Which part of brain is centre of thirst hunger and sleep?Hypothalmus

What is the number of chromosome in a normal human body cell?46

By whom was Artificial gene synthesis first done in laboratory?Khurana

How many species are under threat in mainland France?A thousand

What is the best method for improving the nutrient composition of a diet’?By combining various foods

Which is the scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time?William Harvey

Which is used to remove astigmatism for a human eye?Cylindrical lens

Iris has no pigment in which people?Blue-eyed people

The anti-malarial drug Quinine is made from a plant. Which is that plant?Cinchona

Pheretima posthuma is scientific name of which animal?Earth worm

Which structure is present in mitochondria?Oxysomes

Edward Jenner is related with which disease?Small pox

Which vitamin is essential for poor bone and teeth formation?Vitamin D

Healing of wounds is hastened by which vitamin?C

Where are red blood corpuscles formed?In bone marrow

How much blood does an average adult have in the body?5-6 litres

Which part of the pitcher plant becomes modified’ into a pitcher?Leaf

Which is an insectivorous plant?Pitcher plant

Which cells have least regeneration capacity?Cell of brain

In which processes light energy is converted into chemical energy?Photosynthesis

What is a physical basis of life?Protoplasm

In which cell organelle do photo and thermochemical reactions occur in different sites?Chloroplasts

Which is an insectivorous plant?Nepenthes

The salivary gland secrete saliva that contains which enzyme?Ptyalin

Which sugar is present in considerable amount in the blood?Glucose

In human beings, normally in which part, does the sperm fertilize the ovum?Fallopian tube

Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?Medulla oblongata

Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering?Leaves

Which thing acts as an antidote to HgCl2 poisoning?White of egg

Which animal lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly?Echidna

How many pair of heart is found in an earthworm?Four

What is systolic and diastolic pressure in a healthy man?120 mm and 80 mm

Which destroy the toxic substance found in digested food?Liver

Which group has the highest number of endangered species?Reptiles

Which of the following has been found useful in keeping cholesterol level down?Garlic

What is the ready source of energy available for athletes?Carbohydrates

Urine of a diabetes patient contains more than average quantity of which thing?Sugar

Which is a form of heart disease in which blood supply to the heart is inadequate?Angina

Which animal breathes through the skin?Frog

Dog bite can cause rabies. Which other animal can also cause rabies?Bat

In plant energy is produced during which process?Respiration

In which part of the eye lies the pigment, that decides the colour of the eyes of a person?Choroid

Appetite and satiety centres of brain, where are present in?Hypothalmus

Which gland disapear during old age?Thymus

Which is not a plantation crop?Sugarcane

Which harmful element tobacoo exists in tobacoo?Nicotine

Which gland is situated beneath the brain and whose oversecretion produces giants-size children?Pituitary

There are approximately howmany muscles in human body?700

The deficiency of which leads to dental caries?Fluorine

In which antibody formation takes place?Blood Plasma

What is good source of protein?Soyabean

Which animal have no blood but they respire?Hydra

What is the smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system?Neuron

Which are two richest known sources of edible protein?Soy-bean and groundnut

Which nutrients are most likely to be affected by food processing and storage?Vitamins

Which is a round worm that enters man’s body through the soles of the feet?Hookworm

What is a Dental formula of man?2123/2123

What is an example of vestigial organ in man?Canine teeth

What is the study of effect of light on various biological life process?Photobiology

What is the The chemical part of the dye that absorbs light and produces colour called?A pigment

Translocation of carbohydrate nutrient usually occurs in which form?Maltose

Food is converted into energy in which of the cellular organelles of cell?Mitochondria

What is Study of inter relationship between living organism and their environment?Ecology

In dry regions, the leaf size of a tree becomes smaller why?Reduce transpiration

What is richest source of vitamin D is?Cod liver oil

What is Crop rotation?Growing different crops-in succession

Which vitamin is synthesised in the body by intestinal bacteria?Vitamin K

Which organ breaks fat to produce cholesterol?Liver

During the fermentation of sugar, which enzyme which converts glucose into ethyl alcohol?zymase

Which human organ is most susceptible to harmful radiations?Lungs

Which part modified into pitcher in pitcher plant?Leaf

What is Anosmia?Loss of the sense of smell

Entomophily pollination occur with the help of which creatures?Insects

A person feel fatigued due to depositon of which acid in their muscles?Latic Acid

In the retina of eye cells what is present for colour differentiation?Cones

Which vitamin is essential for the coagulation of blood?Vitamin K

How much protein a working woman must intake everyday?45 g

What is the introduction of foreign genes for improving genotype?Immunisation

Which is the phylum that includes exclusively marine animal?Echinodermata

Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as which name?Vectors

Which insect spreads kala-azar?Sand fly

Which vegetable protein is considered as good as an animal protein?Soyabean protein

To which type of organisms do mushrooms belong?Fungi

Plants having thorny leaves and penetrating roots are classified by which name?Xerophytes

Which is the plant hormone that induces cell division?Auxins

What is the Branch of science which deals with the study of skin of man?Dermatology

Which branch of science in which we study about molluscs?Malacology

Which antimicrobial drug is suitable for treatment of both tuberculosis and leprosy?Rifampicin

Which tissue help in keeping the body warm?Fatty tissue

In Which kind of organisms is the phenomenon found wherein the female kills the male after copulation?Spider

In which animal, is skin a respiratory organ?Frog

Which kind of organisms are the diatoms?Unicellular algae

Which is the type of movement that occurs during opening and closing of flower?Nastic movement

What is required for synthesis of carbohydrate?Carbon dioxide

Which gland is responsible for the secretion of insulin?Pancrease

What is a good source of Vitamin ‘E’?Fresh vegetable

What is abiotic component of ecosystem?Water

Epiphytes are plant which depend on other plants for which purpose?Mechanical support

Which hormone is responsible for the secretion of milk in mothers?Lactogenic hormone

A vein is a vessel that carries blood which side?Towards the heart

What is in lichen symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae called?Halotism

Middle ear is not found in snake. Through part do they receive sound?Skin

Through which are the characters are transferred from parents to progeny?DNA

Which branch of biology deal with the study of heredity?Genetics

Which combination of foods providing protein quality nearest to that of meat?Sprouted gram and groundnuts

Which disease is inheritable?Colour blindness

By which doctor was the first successful heart transplant in India performed?Dr. Venugopal

Which Photosynthetic organelles are found in plant cells?Chloroplast

Besides water and light which is more essential as a raw material for photosynthesis?CO2

Thyroid gland is activated by which harmonic for the secretion of thyroxin?TSH

Which salt is found in bone in largest amount?Calcium phosphate

Which of Indian bird has been included in the world conservation list?Vulture

Plants which lack true roots, stems and leaves are called by which name?Thallophytes

Human protein x –1– antitrysin is used for which disease?Emphysama

Where is the Central Food Technology Research Institute situated?Mysore

Which plant produces seeds but not flowers?Groundnut

For which snake is the diet mainly composed of other snakes?King cobra

Which insect spreads Kala-azar? – Sand flySand fly

Food prepared by plant, through which is transported to different part of plant?Phloem

What is responsible for blue body syndrone?Nitrate

What is the Biological death of a patient?Death of tissues of the brain

Inside the body, why does blood not coagulate?Due to the presence of heparin

Production of which is a function of the liver?Urea

Where is Human body’s main organ of balance located?Inner part of ear

What is the net gain of energy from one gram mole of glucose during aerobic respiration?38 ATP

In plant body, by which the water and minerals are transported?Xylum

What is necessary for digestion of food?Enzyme

Which element is depleted most from the soil after a crop is harvested?Potassium

Which animal-that eats both plants and animals?Omnivore

Which element is essentials for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre?Calcium

Dialysis is used for people with defective kidneys. What does It involves?The process of osmosis

How much portion of egg does protein content?0.133

In human beings, What is the opening of the stomach into the small Intestine called?Pylorus

What is the roots arises from the horizontal arial branches of tree Banyan called?Prop root

The cauliflower shape is associated with which cloud formations?Cumulus

Which root contain nitrogen fixing bacteria?Nodulated root

What is considered as the drug of last resort for human being?Chloramphenical

Deficiency of which vitamin causes knock-knee, bow legs and pigeon chest in children?Vitamin D

BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerine) is injected to get immunity from which disease?Tuberculosis

What is the factor adversely affecting the fermentation process?High concentration of sugar

How does retina in the eyes acts?Film in the camera

What is the proportion of red blood corpuscles and white blood corpuscles in human body?500:01:00

Which vitamin plays a vital role in the coagulating property of blood?Vitamin K

Sweating during exercise indicates operation of which process in the human body?Osmoregulation

Which is responsible for converting milk into curd?Bacteria

Which fungus is responsible for the tikka disease of groundnut?Cercosplora personata

Which animals who have constant body temperature?Homeothermic

How much daily intake of proteins is recommended for a moderately active women?46 gram

White lung disease is prevalent among the worker of which industry?Cotton Industry

For which disease is Oncogene responsible?Cancer

Which chamber of human heart pumps fully oxygenated blood to aorta and hence to the body?Left Ventricle

Soil can best be conserved on the hills by which of the cultivating methods?Contour ploughing

What is the principle pathway of water translocation in angiosperms?Xylem vessel system

Which tree require highest amount of water for growth?Euclyptus

What is the principal structural elements of a living cell?Carbon

What is known as power house of cell?Mitochondria

What is the role of in the rabbit and horse, the appendix?It helps in digestion of cellulose

A girl ate sweets while fanning the flies away. Due to this, she suffered from a which disease?Cholera

Which cell organelle is semi-permeable?Plasma membrane

The couple between base units of DNA is through which bonding?Hydrogen bonding

Throgh which are water and mineral in plant are transported?Xylem

Trunk of tree increases in grith due to cell division in which tissue?Meristematic tissue

Which stage of development of insect is most harmful for crop?Caterpillar

By which are heredity characters of parent transfered to their offspring?Chromosomes

What is exception to Mendel’s principle of dominance?Mirablius

Dog bite can cause rabies. Which other animals can also cause rabies?Bat

Which animal which can tolerate more summer heat?Goat

Which root develops from any part of plant body except the radical?Adventitious root

For the implantation of fertilize ova uterus secret which harmone?Estrogen

Which major chemical compound found in human kidney stones?Calcium oxalate

Entamoeba histolytica is found in which part of man?Intestine

Reduced leaves and sunken stomata are the main feature of which thing?Xerophytes

Cirrhosis is a disease that affects which organ?Liver

BMD testing is done to diagnose which disease?Osteoporosis

Golden rice has the highest quantity of which vitamin?Vitamin A

Which test helps in diagnosis of cancer?Biopsy test

Which animal belongs to the family in which Panda belongs?Bear

Which part of cockroach bears exo and endoskeleton?Head

The theory of use and disuse was used to explain evolution by which scientist?Lamarck

By when is extinction of a species in a food chain compensated?Food web

Growth of which organ does the virus of AIDS affects?T cells in blood

The human body is immune to which disease?Small pox

Phycology is the branch of botany, what do we study about in this branch?Algae

Palaeobotany is the branch of botany, what do we study about in this branch?Plant fossils

Which part became modified as the tusk of elephant?Second incisor

If the radius of blood vessels decrease, what will be in the blood pressur?Increase

What do ligaments join?Bone to bone

Most of the digestion occur in which part of alimentory canal of man?Small intestine

Which of light are strongly absorbed by plants?Blue and red

Deficiency of which vitamin cause knock-knee, bow legs and pigeon chest in children?Vitamin D

In which type of cell divisions does crossing over of chromosomes takes place?Meiosis

What is the source of immediate energy for cellular activity?ATP

What is the grouping of organisms into categories according to a systematic plan?Classification

By whom is the famous book System a Naturae is written?Linnaeus

Deficiency of which vitamin, causes xerophthelmia?Vitamin A

What is the average fat content in buffalow milk?0.072

Nobel Prize winning scientist James D. Watson is known for his work in which area?Genetics

Chromosomes are made up of which main component?DNA

Coconut and mango grouped under, which kind of fruit?Drup

Enlargment of which gland takes place due to deficiency of iodine?Thyroid

Concentrated sulphuric acid is always diluted by adding which thing?Acid to water

By whom was oral polio vaccine discovered?Jonas Salk

Which pair belongs to the category of cold-blooded animals?Frogs and snakes

In the case of a ‘test-tube baby’ where does fertilisation take place?Outside the mother’s body

What is the a biological process in which glucose and fat is oxidised to librate energy?Respiration

Which technique can be used to establish the paternity of a child?DNA finger printing

Who got noble prize for artificial synthesis of DNA?Kornberg

Which state in India are the largest producers of sugarcane?Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

By whom was the antibiotic penicillin first discovered?Alexzander Fleming

Which gland in human body enlarged due to goiter?Thyroid

What is involved in controlling blood sugar level?Islets of langerhans

What is the life of RBC in human blood?120 days

Which part of the cell is essential for protein synthesis?Ribosomes

For which disease no vaccine is yet available?Malaria

By whom are fishing, hunting and food gathering activities carried out?Semangs of Malaysia

Who discovered Anopheles mosquito transmit malaria?Ronal ross

Who discovered the causal organism of the disease Anthrax?Robert Koch

Between which set of blood groups, is the blood transfusion possible?A and AB (A donor)

What is pH of human blood?From 7.5 to 8

Which environment support the growth of Mangrove Swamp?Tidal flat

Howmuch time does a heart beat require approximately?0.8 second

In which animal, is skin a respiratory organ?Frog

Malaria parasite and Amoeba are grouped under?Protozoa

Where is respiratory centre situated?Medulla oblongata

Which gland in human body is popularly called ‘Adam’s apple’?Thyroid

A ‘flower bud’ which is uses as a spice is obtained from which plant?Clove

How many pair of never arises from vertebral column?31 pair

Ethylene reacts with sulphur monochloride to form which gas?Mustard gas

Ultrafiltering unit of kidney is known by which name?Nephron

Which tissue in cells have lost the capicity of cell division?Permanent tissue

Which is known as the queen of spices?Cardamom

Where are Lungs situated?In thoracic cavity

If CO2 concentration in the blood increases, what will breathing?Increase

Which is a hot wind?Zonda

Which is the largest tribal community in India?Gonds

Which nitrogen fixing bacteria is found in leguminuous plant?Rizobium

Which fungus makes symbiotic relationship with the root of higher plant?Mycorrhizae

What is a vestigeal organ in man?Muscles ear lobe

What is the normal temperature of the human body?98.4°F

Which muscle is the strongest of all in the human body?Thigh

What is the separation of colloidal particles from those of molecular dimensions called?Dialysis

Longest bone found in which part of human body?Thigh

Dialysis can separate which in addition to the glucose from human blood?Protein

In Homo sapiens, where does fertilisation occurs?Oviduct

Which is the longest bone in the human body?Thigh bone

Which harmone is called emergency hormone?Adrenalin

Which enzyme take part in digestion of milk protein?Rennin

What is the largest lymphatic organ of the body?Spleen

Where is Pituitary gland present?Below the brain

Which part of human brain is most highly developed as compared to others?Cerebrum

In the human body which sturcture is the appendix attached to?Large intestine

How many bones are there in the human cranium?8

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the wall of which part?Artery

Cow milk is a rich source of which vitamin?Vitamin A

What is the transmission of characters from one generation to next?Heredity

What is the study of the interaction of antigens and antibodies called?Serology

Which organism is required for the preparation of alcohol?Fungi

Which is known as master gland in man?Pituitary

Which is the contractile protein muscle?Myosin

In which disease do the germs enter through open wounds?Tetanus

What is potato an under ground modified stem?Tubers

Image of object is formed on which part of eye?Retina

Which is the sweetest natural sugar?Lactose

How many bones are there in human body?206

What is Funny Bone?A nerve

Who is responsible for the sex determination of a child?Father

Which was the Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life?Oparin

Which set contains foods rich in carbohydrates?Banana, potato and rice

Xerophytes are plants which can grow in regions having how moisture?Low moisture

Pregnant women usually become deficient in which nutrients?Calcium and iron

Which organ cannot be transplanted?Brain

By which antibodies are produced in the plasma of blood?Lymphocytes

Which organ in animals breaks fat to produce cholesterol?Liver

Which vitamin is necessary for blood clotting?Vitamin K

In a food chain, howmuch solar energy utilized by plants?1 percent

Which group of animals is primates?Lemurs

Which organ have the capacity of regeneration?Liver

Which organelle is present in bacteria or prokaryotic cell?Ribosomes

Which hormone contains iodine?Thyroxine

What is not a digestive enzyme in human system?Gastrin

Which element is responsible for blue baby syndrome?Nitrate

What is the pH level of blood of a normal person?7.35-7.45

How do most insects respire?By trachea system

Which factors are most responsible for disease in plant?Fungi

Which is mostly cold blooded animal?Shark

‘Darwin finches’ refers to a group of which creatrue?Birds

Which snake is not poisonus?Pythen

Which pigment is found in the blood of earthworm?Hemocyanine

In human body, which hormone regulates blood calcium and phosphate?Parathyroid hormone

Which Insectivorous fish used for mosquito control?Gambusia

Absorption of water by root occurs in the region of which parts?Root hairs

Which component of plants receives stimulus for flowering?Leaves

Jointed appendages are characteristic of which phylum?Arthropoda

Which tissue in man where no cell division, occurs after birth?Nerves

In India famous Bengal famine accurred in 1942 by which disease?Leaf spot of rice

Which biomass has the highest species diversity?Tropical rainforests

Mycology is the branch of botany, what do we study about in that branch?Fungi

Which branch of biology in which we-study about cultivation of flowering plant?Floriculture

Which fungy causes green ear disease of bajra?S c l e r o s p o r a graminicola

Which branch of biology deals with study of heredity and variation?Genetics

How many number of chamber are found in the heart of Mammal?4

Which Bacteria commonly lives in the intestine of human?Escherichia coli

Parthanogenesis is seen generally in which fruit?Grapes

By which name Pace-maker is also known?S.A. Node

The food material in fungi is stored in which form?Glycogen

Which plant only produce seed but not fruit?Cycus

Chekori powder is obtain from which part of plant?Root

Which type of cell has the ability to develop into any type of all?Stem cell

Who was founder of Boy Scouts and Civil Guides Movement in India?Baden Powell

Spice saffron is obtained from which part of plant?Stigma

Which Pollination takes place with the help of water is called?Hydrophyily

Belladona medicine is obtained by which part of Atropa belladona?From leaf

Which plant produces seed but not fruit?Cycus

Star fish circulatory is called–Hemal system

Where old and dead RBC dispose–Splean

Largest white blood corpsull is–Monocyte

Main function of white blood cell in body–Fight from disease in body

AIDS virus destroyed the –Lymphocyte

During respiration by which process gasses inter and release from the bloodDiffussion

Which is natural collodals–Blood

In blood hemoglobin is mixture of protein in which following is found.Iron

In blood oxygen carrying protein is–Hemoglobin

Highest Affinity of hemoglobin occur for–For carbon monoxide

Human blood appere red due to–Due to hemoglobin

In which following element found in hemoglobin.Iron

On joint uric acid crystal accumulation, it caused–Gout

In which living oxygenated and deoxygenated blood combined–Amphibean

How many region found in human brain–3

In which following in reglable from blood pressure.Adernal gland

In which following is respiratory pigment in human–Hemoglobin

Universal donor are those person, which have blood–O

In one parents group is AB and on the O then what is possible blood group of his daughter.A or O

In which blood group is universal acceptor–AB

Person, which have blood group AB, such person donor blood, which have blood group?AB

General or normal Human blood pressure of human as.80/120 mm Hg

The normal blood pressure of adult human is–120/80 mm Hg

Which is regulate blood pressure–Adernal gland

“Hypertension” word used for–For increase blood pressure

On human power circulation of blood is known as –Iseimia

In adult male no of RBC present–5.0 million

In blood, which anticoagulant substance found–Heparin

In human blood normal level of clastrol is –180–200 mg%

The normal level of blood sugar in per 100 ml blood is–80–100 mg

What is amount of glucose in mg/100 ml level in empty stomach?60

The pH of Human blood is–7.4

Normal amount of blood in adult human is –Five liter

What is percentage amount of total density of plasma present in human blood–55

Anemia occurs due to–Serum

Anemia occurs due to–Folic acid

For prevention of bleading generally which aluminum ions used.Potass alum

In which is chromo protein.Hemoglobin

Which is related to Christmas feature:–Blood clot

Hemo–Cymph is seen in–Arthropoda

In which following is the life span of RBC in human?120 day

The average life span of RBC is–100–120 days

Blood circulation in blood vessesl of earthworm occurs.Poterior

Liver is rich sources of:–Fat soluble Vitamin

Vegetable are spoil because they contain rich amount of –Water

In which following organs convert glycogen into glucose and purifier blood.Liver

Table carbohydrate, is the kende of sugar.Sucrose

The rich source of food protein is–Soybean and Ground nut

In which following is a fiber protein–Kerotein

Which tissue form feather, toes and horns–Keratein

In which following substance resistance the skin layer from the waterKeroten

In which following heavy metal toxiety cause liver’s cause liver’s resosisCopper

Lemon is sour due to–Citric Acid

In which following is not uses of saliva–This increase KBC in boely.

Saliva help digestion of –Fat

Mouth saliva release and digest –Mund (Starch)

In which following part cross the digestion and respiratory pipe–Throut

Corn is a rich source of–Starch

Milk converts into cogulated milk or curd with help of enzyme.Rennin

Which is of cause yellowish colour of cow milk–Carotene

Today milk not consider balance diet because it don’t contain–Iron and Vitamin C

Sour milk contain –Lactic acid

In which following known as destruction site of RBCSphleen

Largest organ of human body is–Liver

In bone and teeth which chemical substance is found–Calcium of phosphate

In which following not release digestive enzyme–Liver

Other then carbohydrate, which is important source of energy in our food–Fat

Human body mostly get energy from of vegetation energy in form ofCarbohydrate

In our body in which following given energy–Carbohydrate

For instanent energy, which is following given is athletes:–Carbohydrate

In milk following pair of protein and carbohydrate found–Caesin, laetose

Fruit are sweat in test due–Fruitose

In which following is a sweetest sugar–Fructose

Involve in animal food–Cellulose

In our body, fat present below to skin, which resist from–Loss of body heat

Iodine is used for determination of–Oil in Unsaturation

In which following is known as “capital assets” of cell–Nucleic acid

Nitrogen is the important compound of–Protein

In which following release sex hormone.–Adernal gland

Lactional hormone release from the–Pituitary

Where pituitary gland found in body–In base of the brain

In which following glands regulate the body temperature or thermoregulatory.Hypothalamus

Which is center of human body regulate angry, water balance and body temperature–Hypothalamus

Which gland of human body regulates the recreation of the hormone of pituitary gland?Hypothalamus gland

In which following notact both exorend and endocrine gland–Pitutary gland

In human body largest heteroclite gland as–Pancreas

In mammal largest gland found–Liver

In body which largest endocrine gland–Thyroid

In which following endocrine gland found in neck?Thyroid

When one or single gene control the more than one character then its known as –Pleiotropic

Who discovered insulin–A.F. Bating

Which is the example of hormone, heat in form of protein–Oxytocin

In which gland in human body, which related to excitement of body.Adernal cortex

During excitement, which hormone release higher amount–Aderline

This is male sex hormone.Testestrone

In which following known as emergency hormoneAdernile

Which secreation from the corpus lutcum–Progestron

Production of growth hormone is occurs.By Pituitary gland

Grave disease occurs due toHyper secretion of thyroid

Which is pepsin releasing cells of stomach–Main cells

In Human throat, which is known a adem’s apple–Thyroid cartilage

During single Menstural cycle generally the no of mature egg.1

In which following deficiency causes Goiture–Iodine

Which is caused by deficiency of iodine–Goiter

Iodine ness salt is usefull for–For activity of thyroid gland

Pigment which given colour to Human body–Melanin

A.C.T. hormone release by–From pituitary gland

Diabetes mellitus occur due to lack synthesis of hormone–Insuline

Functional unit of Kidney is–Nephron

In which following is responsible for water balance in human body.Kidney

In which following main excretory waste uric acid–Sparrow

During dehydration which is deficient in body–Sodium chloride

Medium which increasing the urine secretion–Duretic

Abnormal component of urine is–Albumin

In which following to the abnormal component of Urine–Kitone body

Allantois of foctus is help in–Exereation

In which following argan, which exereate water, fat and defferent watbe (catabolic)Kidney

In hemichordate excreation take place by the–Malphigion tubule

Weight of heart of healthy adult human is –300 gm

Heart not have–Voluntary muscle

Rheumatic heart treated with help of–Aspirin

For a healthy heart of resson taken balance diet, proper sleep and–Proper bad meditation

The Heart bet rate of adult human is –70-80 per minute

“Murmur” of heart is occurs due to following reason–Abnormal valve

What is cause of murmur of heart–Disorder f value

Heart working is –Transportation of blood to different

Which vien carry pure blood from the Hengs–Plumonary vein

In which following known a pace-maker of heart.SA node

How many chamber of heart found in human–Four

How many valve sets are found in human–4

First success heart transplantation done by–C.N. Banard

E.C.G. represent the activity of–Heart

The science which deal study of heart and its disease known asCardiology

How much average heart beat occurs in per minute in human.72 time

Heart attack occur due to–Low amount blood carries to the heart

Nervous is–Basic unit of Nerous system

How many bones found in human skeletal or body.206

In human body longest bone is–Femur

In human skeletal examination is generally done for–Internal age

How many muscles are found in our body.656

How many no of skeletal muscle found700

What is the hard animal layer of teeth.Calcium Hydroxy apetite

Which is part of elephant convert in from of elephant teeth–Secondary teeth

Which part of growing part of elephant teath–Upper teath

Average weight of human brain about–1.36 kg

Which are contraitile protein in any muscle–Actin and myosin

In which following muscular organism do not have exo-sketeton–Amphibea

In which following have maximum no of ribs–Snake

Odontology is branch of sicence, it study relocated to–Teegh

Windom molar is–Third molar

Oesleoayte found inBone

Know plats is onther name of –Ptela none

Tranverse coloy is part of–Large intestine

Occupital is region which found–Skull

Deficiency of vitamin – B6 cause in mole…..Anemia

Ricketis is vitamin deficient disease, which body part is affect due to its.Bone

In children which causes disease due to vitamin –D.Rickets

Which deficiency cause bending of bone of child–Vitamin – D

Vitamin D is important for–Absorption of calcium from food

Which types of vitamin fastly synthesize in body.Vitamin – D

By which prove firstly presence of cobalt in B12.Sodium nitroperoxide test

The study of medieive and it work is known as–Pharmacology

In which found in tobacco–Nicotine

Which disease occurs due to deficiency of iron?Goiter

In which following less amount caused anemia–Hemoglobin

Iron deficiency cause–Anemia

Which vitamin deficencent due to washing of pecledegetable–C

Scurvy disease caused the deficiency of –Vitamin – C

In which rich source of vitamin – C-Citrus fruit

What caused by deficiency of vitamin – CScurvy

Which is another name of vitamin – CAslorbic acid

Which in following caused by vitamin B deficiency?Beri-Beri

Which metal is important component of vitamin B12–Cobalt

In vitamin B12 which metal ion present –Cobalt

Which vitamin cause Hypoerytheroposis–Vitamin B12

In which following vitamin prevent or resist from infection in Human body?Vitamin – A

Vitamin – E is generally important for –General health of epithelial cissue.

In which following help in blood cloathing or coagulationK

In which following protein cause blood clothing–Fibrogen

In which following vitamin are present rich amount in carrot.Vitamin – A

Which disease appears due to deficiency of vitamin – ANight blindness

Which is rich source of Vitamin – ACarrot

Which vitamin give immunity–A

In which following commonly citric acid is found–Lemon

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