History Questions Series Part 3

Where is Buland Darwaza situated? Fatehpur Sikri

During which reign was the Purana Qila constructed? Sher Shah

By whom was the Sikh Khalsa founded? Guru Gobind Singh

On 13th April of which year Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa? 1699

The Maratha power reached its zenith during which Peshwaship? Balaji II

Which lake in India has the highest water salinity? Sambhar

In which year did the Peshwa became the official head of Maratha administration? 1748 A.D.

Bhopal gas tragedy struck in the year 1984 due to the leakage of which gas? Methyl-iso-cyanate

Which is the first company-managed major port in India? Ennore

Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre? Lord Chelmsford

What was the first venture of Gandhiji in all-India politics? Rowlatt Satyagraha

During the reign of which Indian National Congress banned and over 1,20,000 persons were arrested? Lord Willingdon

Who led the agitation against the Partition of Bengal (1905)? Surendranath Banerjee

Who among the following had led the Swadeshi Movement in Delhi? Syed Haider Raza

A Buddhist Council during the reign of Kanishka was held at which place? Kashmir

Which dynasty was associated with Gandhara school of Art? Kushans

Which is the first multipurpose river valley project of independent India? Damodar Valley Corporation

Recently reserves of diamond have been reported in Madhya Pradesh from which place? Devbhog

Who is associated with Tashkent Agreement? Lal Bahadur Shastri

In India, where did the Dutch establish their earliest factory? Masulipattanam

In Indus Valley, which one indicates the commercial and economic development? Seals

In which year was the Indus Valley Civilisation discovered? 1921

Purushsukta is a part of which veda? Rigveda

What are the brothers Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha? Dhrupad vocalists

Which was common both to the Harappan society and the Rigvedic society? Horses

Who was the President of the First Buddhist Council held at Rajagriha? Mahakassapa

By which method is the age of most ancient geological formations estimated? C4 method

Ban-Ki-Moon the Secretary general of UNO belongs to which country? South Korea

In which state had Gautama Buddha had attained Mahaparinirvan? Malia

Who is the Father of local self government in India? Lord Ripon

Who was the last ruler of Sunga dynasty? Devabhuti

What was the pen name of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhaye? Kamla Kant

‘Man-The Maker of His Own Destiny’ book was written by which person? Swami Vivekananda

Who is considered to be the father of Ayurveda? Charaka

In ancient India, Nalanda University was a great centre for the study of which religion? Mahayana Buddhismv

By whom was the first Muslim invasion of India lead? Muharnmad-bin-Oasim

The Arab conquest of Sind took place in which year? 712 A.D.

Which was the medieval ruler who was the first to establish a ministry of agriculture? Mohammad Bin Tughlaq

Why is Sher Shah is well known for his administrative skill,? Land revenue system

By whom was the Sarak-i-Azam which ran from the Indus to Sonargaon (in Bangladesh) built? Sher Shah

The Upanishads were translated into Persian by the orders of which rular? Dara Shikoh

‘Padmavat’ of Malik Muhammad Jaisi, a notable, work in Hindi, was completed during which reign? Sher Shah

Who commanded the Maratha army in the third battle of Panipat? Sadashiv Rao Bhau

Tejaswini Sawant is the first Indian woman to be crowned World Champion in which sports? Shooting

Which forms the western boundary of the Indian sub-continent? Hindukush

Uplift of the backward classes was the main programme of which family? Satyashodhak Samaj

By whom was the practice of Sati was declared illegal? Lord William Bentinck

Who was the leader to have the unique distinction of firing the first shot in the rebellion of 1857? Mangal Pande

The world famous ‘Khajuraho’ sculptures are located in which State? Madhya Pradesh

In the Interim Government formed in the year 1946, who held the portfolio of Defence? Baldev Singh

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